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Blog: Make a change. Start today.

So often we hear people talk about their goals. There will often be discussions about their plans and the targets they intend to reach. 

It is common for individuals to talk about something they really want to do. To share their intentions and to explore the things they are setting out to change. Yet it is even more common for them to change their minds, to find reasons why they cannot follow through with their plans or to abort their goals all together. 

If people don’t achieve something they set out to do, they are left feeling as though they have failed in some way. As though they are not good enough. And like they can’t ever achieve. They feel disheartened. 

Yet individuals can come up with a million reasons and justifications as to why they stopped doing something. Sometimes those around them collude with that – re-assuring them that it isn’t the right time, its too much pressure, to wait a while etc. And before people know it the ‘change’ they intended to make is lost. They find themselves back where they began. Yet feeling even more disempowered. 

Between the moment someone has the intention to achieve and the moment they are unable to do so – what happens???

Often individuals haven’t fully committed to the change. They haven’t thought clearly about how they will achieve it or the changes that they will need to make to make it happen. There isn’t always a powerful intention or a plan in place. As a result, the end goal can get lost and an individual can start to tell themselves that they cant do it. As they share this narrative with other people, many will join in and agree with them. As a result the change then becomes a distant memory and people can go back to living just the way they were. 

To make a change. We need to fully commit. We need to set an intention and then positively focus on it. This could mean saying out loud the thing/s that we want to change. It could mean writing them down and committing them to paper. It could mean externalising them with friends and family. Or even better working closely with a coach. But the fundamental key is the intention and the commitment. 

It all begins with this. 

First, individuals need to identify what it is that they need to change.  They need to search within themselves (often with the help of coach) which area of their life they feel most dissatisfied with. From this they can then identify which parts they would like to change. They can outline those parts clearly and set realistic and reasonable goals as a result. 

These goals are the changes a person intends to make. The goal itself is fundamental. It is the end point. A person needs to be able to visualise themselves reaching that goal. To see the result before it happens. Writing the book, running the half marathon, launching the business – whatever it may be. They need to see themselves doing it. 

Once the goal is outlined and the intention is set. The part that is even more important is how they get there. The pathway to change is vital. The outcomes. How do I get to this goal? If I am writing a book how much time do I set aside each week to research and write. What is the deadline? When am I aiming to publish? If they are competing in an event – they need to set out a training plan. To clearly outline when they are training, the type of training, how often etc. And so, the list goes on. 

The commitment to change is vital. The intention is crucial. The visible goal matters. But fundamentally the pathway to achieving the change is crucial. It all begins here. 

So, to make the change an individual needs to start right here. Right now. Outline the path to achieving the goal and being today. If you’re aiming to run 5k. Start by running 1k. Set aside 3 days a week to run it. And then increase it the next week to 2k. And so on. It sounds simplistic but so often people overlook this part in the achievement of goals. We can’t just reach somewhere without change. And change starts as something small each day – before it then grows into something larger, more empowering and far more significant. 

Make a change. Start today – you will be amazed at the difference it can make. 

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