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People find that online sessions are just as effective as face to face ones. To make coaching convenient and accessible for you I offer both.
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About Me

My name is Hayley Ryan and I have been passionate and dedicated to the world of talking therapies for the last twenty years.

I am a transformational coach who combines the skill set of being a life coach, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist to work closely with individuals as they set themselves attainable and achievable goals. It is my role to facilitate and guide, providing a skill set that enables change to take place. I work hard with people to attain and meet the targets they set themselves. I remind them of the skill set they have within themselves, and I empower them so that they can move forward positively.

Over the years I have worked as psychotherapist, director of a counselling agency, clinical supervisor and an eating disorder and addiction therapist. I have also worked and volunteered for several charities. Volunteered overseas and written and published a book all about active positive change. I am passionately committed to the process of making a difference to an individual’s life.

I believe in the work that I do, and I have always been committed to the path active positive change. I think we all have the power within us to create the life that we truly want to live. We can all achieve if we truly believe in ourselves.

It is my role as a transformational coach to assist my clients in their journey towards a brighter, empowered and more fulfilling way of living.

When I work with an individual, I work hard to help them to address the parts of their lives that need time and attention.

Together we identify the needs that aren’t being met for them and we work out a way to meet them. We outline goals and focus on how to reach them.

The aim of the work is to enable the changes to take place that an individual really desires and to make sure that they then in turn live a more fulfilling and inspiring life going forward.

Knowing you are in the right hands is important. Here is a list of my qualifications and memberships.
Qualifications And Membership
General information

All sessions are totally confidential. They last an hour long – unless you are having the one-off transformational coaching session. That lasts 2 hours.

I offer a range of appointment times – daytime or evening depending on your preference.

Please contact me for further information and availability.

I offer both online and face to face sessions depending on your preference.

Once you contact me, we will establish the best time and day for you, as well as your preference for face to face or online sessions.

We will set aside that time and day for you every week. However, I am flexible and happy to change things if needed.

Face to face sessions take place in my lovely premises in the heart of St Albans. We are based on London Road opposite A plan insurance and above blue arrow recruitment.

Transformational coaching sessions are extensive and comprehensive. They require a lot of planning and reviewing after they have taken place.To provide the sessions I combine my wide range of experience, qualifications and training to provide the best possible service for my clients.  

Please note I offer all clients a 15 minute free consultation to ensure that I am the right coach for you.

One off transformational session (2 hours long) – £175.00

Individual sessions (1 hour each) – £120.00

Block of six sessions (1 hour each) £650.00

Block of ten sessions (1 hour each) £1050.00

I can take card payment and email you a receipt.


Crafting Your Transformational Journey

Our coaching philosophy entails:
Life Coaching

I offer life coaching sessions that are tailored towards you as an individual. I will always start by establishing the areas that you want to work on. Our sessions will enable you to achieve your goals and make the changes that you want to make. Both professionally and personally.


I use hypnosis as one of the methods that I offer to help people to achieve their goals and to make changes. Hypnosis is useful for accessing parts of the unconscious and it enables people to change thought patterns. As a result, change can take place.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Using the various techniques of NLP, I will help you to improve your mental wellbeing and overcome any self-doubt you might have. You will gain the confidence to change negative patterns and to perform your best in all areas of your life.